Updated: 6/19/2020

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  • Hey did u see what this person said on your Instagram Post?
  • No, what did they say?
  • That dress is hideous
  • Why are you so short?
  • You need braces
  • Those shoes were popular 8 years ago get new ones.
  • You have no friends.
  • You dress like your 8.
  • Wow! That was so mean! Are those comments true about me?
  • Of course not Jessica. That was someone cyber bullying you.
  • So should I respond to this mean bully?
  • No! If you respond, that is what the bully wants. We need to tell an adult.
  • Okay, I called my mom and she is going to talk to Law Enforcement. Thank you for helping me.
  • Yes, of course! You handled this very well!