Trigonometry project
Updated: 3/23/2020
Trigonometry project

Storyboard Text

  • Let's see how different people use ladders!
  • I must figure out what angle I need to place my ladder at in order for it to touch the tree. I know that the tree is 8 ft tall, and my ladder is 7 ft long. Therefore I use the trigonometric equation, sin-1(8/7). The angle would be about 61 degrees. Now I can save mrs Norris' cat.
  • I have to fix my light bulb but I need to know how long my ladder needs to be. So I use trigonometry to figure this out. Because I know that the distance between the wall and the ladder is 4 ft and the angle where the ladder and the floor meet is 40 degrees, my equation would be: Sin(40)=4/x. The length of the ladder is about 5.2 ft.
  • I have to fix this roof, but I must use trigonometry to figure out how far away the ladder needs to be from the building. Since I know that the ladder is at a 35 degree angle with the house and the house is 25 ft tall. My equation must be Tan(35)=25/x. That means that I must place the ladder about 17.5 ft from the house!
  • I have to figure out the angle of depression where the top of my ladder meets the tree branch. I know that the tree is 12 ft tall and my ladder is 5 ft from the base of the tree. Therefore I use this trigonometry equation to figure the angle out: tan-1(12/5). The angle of depression is about 67.4 degrees.
  • Thank you for observing how different people use ladders.