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Career Ex. - W9 Tying it All Together Assignment
Updated: 10/14/2020
Career Ex. - W9 Tying it All Together Assignment
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  • After a bit of decision making, I have decided that the career I am most likely to pursue is going to be as video game designer.
  • Located in the cluster of Information Technology, video game designers spend the majority of their day inside an office working with multiple other people to design the best game. These people have to focus on every little detail and also what will interest the end user of the game. From mobile games to console games, these guys do it all. Although it may take time and effort, in order to be successful in this career it is important that you have a large education on the topic and could be considered an expert at what you do. As far as education goes, a Bachelor's degree is usually required. The average annual salary is about $95,000 and job opportunities in the near future are likely.
  • Video Game Designer Summary
  • Throughout the first quarter I have learned multiple things about being a video game designer. To begin with, I have learned the ins-and-outs of what the job is like, what it takes to get the job, and what my working conditions will be like. That being said, I feel like not one of these factors is more important than the other. I know that in order to be successful in this career it is important to know that being a video game designer isn't just about making the game and programming it, it's about putting yourself in the position of your end-users, problem-solving, and creating algorithms to help the process. I have also learned that if I want to get a job in this field I will have to obtain a Bachelor's degree in computer science and have the knowledge of an expert if I want to be successful. Last but not least, I have learned that I will be working with others on a team, so it is important that I maintain a good attitude and treat them like I would my family. If I can learn all this in 1 quarter, I can't imagine how much I could learn in an entire year!
  • What have I learned from this course?
  • My high-school courses, co-curricular activities, volunteer experiences, or employment will prepare me for a career in video game design in a couple of different ways. To begin with, my high school courses will prepare me to adjust to a large amount of work that takes up the majority of the day, as well as getting up early to start. If I were to take a co-curricular activity such as sports, it would prepare me for a career in video game design by keeping in me in good shape, due to the fact that I would be sitting throughout almost the entire day. Volunteer experiences or employment would prepare me for a career in video game design but allowing me to work with others and understand what it means to have a job and follow instructions from my boss.
  • How will my courses and other activities prepare me for this career path?
  • Knowing and understanding my learning style helps prepare me for my future career by allowing me to understand how I like to do things, and it helps me make the final decision on whether the job I want is right for me or not. Being a visual learner and preferring to do things in groups shows me that video game design is one of the perfect careers for me. However, had I not known that, I may not have made the final decision to want to pursue video game design. What do I still need to do to prepare myself for a future career in video game design? I already know quite a bit about video game design, I know what it is, what it will require of me, the education requirements, and the work conditions. That being said, there's still one thing I need to learn: the how. If I want to pursue this career I am most definitely going to need to learn how to do it. Coding and computer science can take a lot of education, so it is very important that I put all my time and effort into it so that I can become successful at the career I wish to pursue.
  • How does knowing my learning style help prepare me for my future career?
  • Enter for your chance to become a videogame designer!!
  • I'm on my way!
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