book 13
Updated: 5/12/2020
book 13

Storyboard Text

  • "Pontonous mixed the heady, honeyed wine/ and hovering closely, poured full rounds for all./ And from where they sat they tipped libations out/ to the happy gods who rule the vaulting skies" (XIII, 213).
  • "And last, Odysseus climbed aboard himself-/ and down he lay, all quiet,-/ as crewmen sat to the oarlocks, each in line"(Bk XIII Pg 214).
  • "They’ve swept him across the sea in their swift ship,-/ they’ve set him down in Ithaca, sound asleep, and loaded the man-/ with boundless gifts—bronze and hoards of gold"(Bk XIII Pg 215).
  • "Hearing that from Zeus, the god of the earthquake-/ sped to Scheria now, the Phaeacians’ island home,-/ and waited there till the ship came sweeping in,-/ scudding lightly along—and surging close abreast,-/ the earthquake god with one flat stroke of his hand-/ struck her to stone, rooted her to the ocean floor-/ and made for open sea"(Bk XIII Pg 216).
  • "You must be a fool, stranger, or come from nowhere,/ if you really have to ask what land this is./ Trust me, it’s not so nameless after all./ It’s known the world around/... So,stranger, the name of Ithaca’s reached as far as Troy (XIII, 219).
  • "Athena stroked Odysseus with her wand./ She shriveled the supple skin on his lithe limbs,/ stripped the russet curls from his head, covered his body/ top to toe with the wrinkled hide of an old man/ and dimmed the fire in his eyes, so shining once./ She turned his shirt and cloak into squalid rags,/ ... and gave him a staff and beggar’s sack,/ torn and tattered, slung from a fraying rope" (XIII, 225).