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French Rev
Updated: 11/5/2019
French Rev
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  • French Revolution: Increased Bread Prices
  • How am I supposed to feed my children?!
  • Bakery
  • Why is bread so expensive??
  • Water Prices in Yemen
  • Why is water so expensive!
  • Me and my baby are so thirsty!
  • This isn't fair!
  • My Prediction
  • We, the Houthi, will rebel with the people for a better government
  • And we, the Armed forces of Yemen, will fight back to destroy this rebel!
  • French peasants had to deal with two years of bad harvests prior to start the revolution. Economic policies that deregulated the price of grain contributed to the crisis.
  • French Revolution: Unjust Land Distributions and Tax Burdens
  • Very good idea my king!
  • As king, I will tax the third estate more and become extremely wealthy!!
  • A blockade at Port Hodeidah from the civil war in Yemen caused a decrease in supplies, including fuel for trucks of water. As a result of water not getting to the places it’s needed, its price increases because it is now considered a rare resource.
  • Switzerland's Gender Equality
  • Yay! I still got paid, even though I skipped work a few times!
  • How come he got more, but we have the same exact job?
  • If there is currently a cease-fire at the port, that means it will soon end and get blocked again. Supplies can’t travel around, causing a humanitarian crisis. The people might start to revolt against the rebel Houthi group and their opponent. A third party might join the civil war.
  • My Prediction
  • We want Equality!
  • The better be peaceful, I don't wanna lock someone up again!
  • France had a social system that heavily favored the First and Second Estate (the clergy and nobility). Less than 3% of the population, these two groups, paid no taxes and controlled the government.
  • Please I beg of you, i'm already so poor!
  • 38 years ago, gender equality was written in the Swiss constitution, but today many women still face the inequity. A 20% gender-gap in pay, domestic violence, and political rights leave men and women divided
  • Based on recent protests, I believe that Swiss women will keep on leading riots until Switzerland's directorial system makes a change, removing the divide between men and women. If change doesn’t come, mayhem will continue, possibly resulting in violence.
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