Updated: 1/25/2021

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  • Thank you, dad and mom. I promise you, I will make our hospital a well-known hospital!
  • We're so proud of you, honey!
  • Congratulations, honey! Now, I will not worry about who will take my responsibilities as our hospital's president anymore.
  • Wow! Thank You, Zach. I love the flowers!
  • Congratulations, My Czarina. I bought some flowers for you.
  • What will I do now? How will I tell dad that I don't really want to replace him as the president?
  • Mom, I'm afraid. What if I'll fail dad? You? I don't want you to get disappointed with me.
  • Honey, your dad's co-workers are here. They came to congratulate you. Your dad will introduce you to them.
  • Thank you, daddy! I love you, dad! I love you, mom!
  • I've heard what you've said. Honey, if you're not ready yet, it's okay. Don't think that we're not proud of you, we always are!
  • THE END...