Lit and Film project
Updated: 5/19/2020
Lit and Film project

Storyboard Text

  • Scene 9 "Meeting Again"
  • Dad is that you? -Johnny
  • Johnny is that you? Come over here before the phone crazies see you.-Clay
  • Scene 7 "In a Better Place"
  • I need to give you a cell phone, you will know when you need to use it. I also need your gun Clay, I can not live anymore.- Ray
  • Scene 5 "Stranger"
  • If you do not leave I will be coming back again, and it won't be good. -Raggedy Man
  • We are just trying to find somewhere to stay with everything going on. -Clay
  • During this scene Clay finally found Johnny. Johnny left notes for him along the way to try and find him. During the whole book Clay was trying to find Johnny and was worried the phone crazies got him. During this scene I am going to show extreme close up. 
  • During this scene Ray pulled Clay aside. Ray handed Clay the phone and told him he would know when to use it. When Clay dropped it Ray saw his gun in his pocket. Ray then took the gun and shot himself. During this scene I am going to show eye line match of them going back and forth.
  • During this scene Clay, Tom, and Alice were staying where they should not have been for a couple of days. The raggedy man told them that if they do not leave, then there will be bigger problems. During this scene I am going to show extreme long shot because they first see him across the street.