English Video Storyboard

Updated: 6/22/2020
English Video Storyboard

Storyboard Text

  • Sophie: Quaratine is so boring! Wish there was something fun to do with friends at school apart from work!
  • Liyara:I know right! I wish there was a social platform that isn't just apart of school!
  • ** Main topic to introduce our website/ persuade the readers. There will be 3 myths and facts that we explain, which makes up the knowledge understanding and persuading element to our project.
  • Ding!!!Notification: TBConn is coming to school!
  • Ding!!!Notification: TBConn is coming to school!
  • New Post!
  • Connections are here when no one is
  • TBConn
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  • Sophie: Liyara did you just get the notification from the school? TBConn sounds
  • Liyara: Yes! However, to be honest I don't really know what is good about it. Will it be really good?
  • Facts
  • VS.
  • Myths
  • Sophie: Liyara! This website is so interesting! I am actually excited for school once again, See you on TBConn!
  • Liyara: Hey wait Sophie! First one to login to their account wins 2 dollars from the other person!