ECE Brain development
Updated: 2/4/2020
ECE Brain development
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  • Welcome! With each room we go through, we will examine a new part of the brain!
  • The frontal lobe is for problem solving, personality and emotion, reasoning, motor planning, and speaking
  • This section does not get fully developed until age 25.
  • The parietal lobe is associated with sense of touch, spatial perception, knowing from left and right, and academic skills.
  • Fully developed at age 5.
  • The occipital lobe functions with sight. With that comes visual perception and interpretation
  • Development takes 8 months.
  • The temporal lobe is responsible for hearing, language comprehension, and memory/information retrieval.
  • Fully developed at age 25.
  • The cerebellum deals with balance and coordination.
  • Fully developed at age 25 greatly affecting cognitive maturity.
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