Updated: 6/2/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Hey mum and dad can i please go to Jills tonight?
  • Um yes sure hunny make sure you don't mis behaive
  • DO NOT DRINK !!!!
  • Omg i cant beleive your perents think were just having a sleppover.
  • Yes i know right this party is going to be great.
  • Omg this party so cool do you want to go get a drink
  • Yeah sure im so happy i can drink without getting in trouble.
  • vanessa asked her mum and dad to go to Jills house as she didnt say anything about a party.her perents said for her to not drink .
  • That was a fun party!
  • she is now at Jills house where they are getting ready to go to the party they are very exited to drink even tho vanessas mum and dad said not to.
  • Do you want go outside?
  • Yeah sure
  • when the got to the party they started dancing and then got thirsty so Jill asked if vanessa wanted a drink and she said yes so they went and got a drink.
  • yeah lets go inside.
  • Oh no there drinking lets go !
  • after the party was over she walked back to Jills house wwith a drink in her hand.
  • when they got into the house vanessa put the empty bottle on the kitchen bench and then they wanted to go outside so they did.
  • when they got outside they saw Jills older brother and his friend drinking they thought it would be better to go inside incase they started drinking.