Early Governments
Updated: 2/7/2020
Early Governments
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  • Pericles just got the oligarchy to let farmers and workers pass laws!
  • Yeah, he's turning our government into a democratic one.
  • Didn't he also stop the oligarchy and let people who didn't own land be elected?
  • The rule of law says that everyone should be treated equally.
  • No, but it keeps people from lying and bribing the jury.
  • But doesn't it not benefit women and slaves?
  • I shall create the Magna Carta, an agreement between I, King John, and the wealthy barons!
  • We just executed King Charles 1 for not following the rule of law, which is something that ensures more fair laws.
  • I'm Thomas Hobbes, and I believe having a strong government is necessary!
  • I'm John Locke and I believe that rulers need to have the consent of their people.
  • Oh hey, yeah same. The Mayflower Compact is a document that forms our government. It is used to make equal laws.
  • Hey I hate this ship. Also what's this thing about a Mayflower Compact or whatever?
  • It was an important step in history toward democracy!
  • It was the first representative assembly in Colonial America.
  • This is the House of Burgesses, elected representatives who make laws.
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