Forces Storyboard
Updated: 11/11/2020
Forces Storyboard

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  • Hey Mark, when you shoot the basketball, how does it drop through the hoop.
  • When you shoot the ball, a force called gravity brings the ball down throught the hoop.
  • I think I get it, so when you throw something up, gravity pulls it down. Right?
  • Yes Ashley, gravity pulls objects to the surface of the Earth.
  • Is there anything else that gravity does?
  • Yeah, gravity also keeps all the planets in order and orbiting the sun.
  • They wax the lanes so that it minimizes the rolling friction.
  • Hey John, when we go bowling how does the ball not stop when its rolling.
  • Wait, whats rolling friction?
  • Rolling friction is when friction causes an object like a ball to stop rolling across the ground.
  • Thanks for explaining!
  • No problem.
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