pt.3 (13-17)
Updated: 12/10/2020
pt.3 (13-17)

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  • Half-City Jiangs
  • why would uncle zhu tell a lie, that put dad in prison..
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  • The Class Education Exhibition
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  • The Rice Harvest
  • i'm so exhausted, but i have to keep working.
  • ji-li later learned that it was uncle zhu who made up the lie about listening to the radio, which put him and her father in prison. she didn't know who to trust when she can't trust her own family. a few days later, ji-li hears about something buzzing in the newspapers. she finds out that the newspaper is about her families history and how they own half the city. after reading it, she was angry with her parents, she didn't speak to her mother for two whole day. but later feels bad knowing she couldn't control what happens...
  • The Incriminating Letter
  • it is finally time for the class exhibition and ji-li is excited to represent her class. after ji-li finishes her presentation, everyone loves it. after the class exhibition, chairman jin calls a meeting with ji-li.he tells her that it would be great if she testified against her own dad. of course, ji-li didn't want to tell lies so she says no. the next day at school, they tell her she is off the exhibition and she is disappointed with these news and runs away crying...
  • Sweeping
  • a few days after getting the news, that she has to drop out of the exhibition, chang hong gives her a note that said they needed to talk right away. they meet up later, and he tells her that they need her to work in the fields instead of the factory. she was disappointed to hear this since she wanted to work in the factory, but it was to the point where she was used to getting disappointing news...
  • The Ending
  • after days of being exhausted and working in the fields, she is filled with relief to go home. when she is back one night, uncle tian comes rushing inside with an incriminating letter. in the letter, it asks the central committee to investigate people. people have been threatened or beaten to death, and others had their heads shaved. they decide to hide the letter so that the red guards don't find it. but when she goes back downstairs, the red guards are there and are ordering to give them the letter...
  • a few days later, ji-li see's her grandma sweeping the alley, which was the punishment given to her for being a landlord's wife. now days, ji-li is always worried. about her dad, her grandma, and now her mom is fainting a lot more. she promises her mom that she'll take care of her siblings if anything happens. she realizes how much her life has changed, she used to dream about being a red guard, but now the red guards are hurting her family. all she wants is for her family to be safe and happy.
  • many years later, ji-li is now living in america and enjoys her freedom. her parents live with ji-yun and family near. ji-yun is now a teacher. ji-yong lives in seattle for a tourism company. her grandma sadly died at the age of ninety-eight, and song po-po died of a stroke. her friends chang-hong and an-yi both worked in factories in china. lastly, ji-li now teaches.
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