Greece Benjamin - Health Ed 1
Updated: 6/11/2020
Greece Benjamin - Health Ed 1
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  • John, you can borrow your dad's and my car to go to the party. Don't drink alcohol and do take care of the car.
  • Thank you mum!I promise I won't drink.
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  • Oh I'm so excited to see my friends!
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  • Finally, I'm here!
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  • John's mum has allowed him to borrow his parents' car to go to a party because he promised his mum that he wouldn't drink alcohol. So far, everything seems fine. At his age (17), he shouldn't even be drinking. He is going to a party. Most likely, his friends will be there. He has to make sure not to acquiesce to peer pressures as bad things can happen from simply being silly or naive.
  • Hey guys! How are you?
  • Hey John!!! We're fine. Ready to party?!
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  • John has left the house and is now driving to the party.As it is already night time, he needs to be more focused on his driving. At age 17, John shouldn't have a BAC (Blood Alcohol Concentration) of over 0.00%, so drinking alcohol should not be on his to-do list.
  • HAHAHA!!!
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  • John has reached the place for the party. He decided to park his parents' car on the street. John is only 17 and choosing the right decision(s) will keep him safe.
  • Hey do you want a lift home?
  • I might be over o.oo% BAC. I'll be fine. I don't want to let Andrew down and I can't leave my parents' car on the street.
  • That would be great, thanks!
  • John has entered the party venue and met up with his friends. So far, so good. There is no parental supervision and this could mean that teenagers would be more liberal in their decisions. John's peers could pressure him into doing something that he shouldn't do like drinking alcohol.
  • John and his friend Andrew agreed to go to where the bar is. Knowing that his mum specifically told him not to drink, John still opts to have two full strength beers and go on and drink his third. Full strength beers are quite strong, moreso for John, as he is still young. Drinking alcohol among young people should be avoided at all costs because this can lead to their bodily organs being damaged. When young people do drink and then drive, they are definitely putting their own and other people's lives in great danger and could even damage properties.
  • John offered Andrew a ride home. John knows he may be over o.oo% BAC, doesn't want to leave his parents' car on the street and doesn't want to let Andrew down too. This is quite a risky move. As John has just drank three full strength beers. If he drives, he would not only be putting Andrew's and his own life in peril, but other innocent motorists and pedestrians as well. This decision can cause road accidents, injuries and/or even death.
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