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Updated: 9/1/2021
Storyboard Project

Storyboard Description

Finn: Setting and Characters London: Plot Faith: Point of View Briah: Conflict

Storyboard Text

  • Setting
  • Save him with your final wish!
  • Character
  • I dread being alone, but I must save this child.
  • Conflict
  • i barely touched him. Its only a burner. Only a little thing.
  • The setting of the kitchen creates a private, yet stressful mood. Sergei kills Yonatan in there and is being pried by the goldfish to save him. It creates a stressful feeling as the reader is curios whether Sergei will save or let the boy die.
  • Plot
  • Should I use my last wish for him?.......
  • Sergei Goralick is around character. When he is first introduced he seems like a bitter old Russian Man. He constantly turns down Yonatan's attempts to interview him. Once Yonatan makes it in his house, he makes a stride toward Sergei's goldfish. On his way their Sergei kills him. He uses his final wish to save Yonatan, and we end up discovering that he wanted to keep the goldfish around because he dreads being alone.
  • Point of View
  • Sergei Goralick doesn't much like strangers banging on his door.
  • The primary form of conflict is external. The type of conflict is man vs man because Sergei hits Yoni with a burner from the stove.
  • Theme
  • Bye! Thankyou
  • The climax of the story was when Sergei kills Yoni because he was very protective of his fish. Sergei has a difficult time trying to decide if his 3rd wish should be granted towards bringing Yoni back to life.
  • The point of view is third-person omniscient. The narrator reveals the thoughts of the Sergei, Yoni, and the goldfish.
  • People should do the right thing even if it goes against their preferences. In this story we see this play out when Sergei chooses to save Yoni at the price of losing the goldfish.