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The Odyssey Project Two
Updated: 10/4/2020
The Odyssey Project Two
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  • Bang!
  • stay quiet.
  • Where are you strangers from?
  • Where from Troy, Achaeans.
  • We Cyclops do not fear gods! We are mightier than they will ever be! I will not let you and your friends be free! Where was your ship?
  • Our ship got destroyed on the rocks by your island, From Poseidons fury
  • The Cyclops returned to his cave with lumber to start a fire for dinner. Odysseus and his crew heard the loud crash when the lumber hit the ground and ran to the far wall of the cave. The Cyclops then closed the door with a giant stone slab, he then milked his ewes.
  • AAAH!
  • Get behind me!
  • Once the Cyclops was done with all his chores he went to stoke the fire and saw Odysseus and his crew from a glare the fire made. He proceeded to ask who they are and why there here. Odysseus said they were from Troy, Achaeans, and ended up here from the shifting gales on the great south sea.
  • How can we escape?
  • Odysseus and the Cyclops start talking and the Cyclops informs them that they do not fear gods and says that Odysseus and his men will never be free from this cave. The Cyclops asks where Odysseus's ship is, he says it was sunk by Poseidon.
  • Zzzzz. . .
  • What's he even need this for?
  • The Cyclops grabs hold of one of the warriors and tears him apart, while the Cyclops is eating his men Odysseus goes for a stab with his sword to the Cyclops liver, he doesn't go through with it because they could not move the big stone slab if the Cyclops was dead.
  • Once it is dawn the Cyclops leaves to milk his ewes and do the rest of his daily chores. Odysseus thinks, pondering how he could hurt the giant but still be able to escape. then later in the day the Cyclops brings his ewes back into the cave, then Odysseus comes up with a plan.
  • Odysseus grabs one of the logs the Cyclops had in his cave and tells his men to carve it into a spear.
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