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Perks of being a wallflower
Updated: 5/21/2020
Perks of being a wallflower
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Storyboard Description

Fight scene between Charlie and the jocks

Storyboard Text

  • Action: Charlie sits down at a table by himself and turns to see PatrickCamera: LSDialogue: N/ASound: Background Chatter (Diegetic)Transition: Cut Duration: 4 Seconds
  • Action: Patrick, sad, walks past twin senior girls to the tablesCamera: LS showing all three facesDialogue: Twin senior girls: "Hey, Nothing"Sound: Dialogue, background chatter (Diegetic)Transition: Cut Duration: 6 Seconds
  • Action: Patrick is tripped by Nose TackleCamera: MLDialogue: Nose Tackle: "Oops. Sorry, Nothing"Sound: Laughing, background chatter (Diegetic)Transition: Cut Duration: 7 Seconds
  • Action: Patrick dusts himself off and turns to brad while standing upCamera:LS/MLDialogue: Patrick: "You going to do something?" Brad: "What are you talking about"Sound: Background chatter (Diegetic) Transition: cut Duration: 10S
  • Action: Patrick gets closer to Brad now annoyedCamera: Two shot MCU, handheldDialogue: Patrick: "Your pet ape just tripped me...." Brad: "Why would I?"Sound: Background chatter (Diegetic)Transition: Cut Duration: 12 Seconds
  • Action: Brad starts to feel the pressure of people watching, its too muchCamera: CU, handheld, shaky camDialogue: Brad: "This is pathetic..." Patrick: "Do you want your friends..."Sound: Brads friends laughing, background chatter quieting (Diegetic)Transition: Cut Duration: 13 Seconds
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