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Gretel the chrecter
Updated: 11/5/2018
Gretel the chrecter
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  • This is Gretel. She is 12 years old and has a younger brother named Bruno. She is very sarcastic and likes to make fun of Bruno. She has 3 other friends named Hilda, Isabell, and Louise who also like to make fun of Bruno too.
  • Hi! I'm Gretel.
  • Gretel likes a very rude and aggressive boy named Kurt Kotler. He is one of father's soldiers and 19 years old. She also has many dolls and loves to read newspapers about the war.
  • Hi Kurt! How are you. I'm a teenager too!
  • Um. Okay cool. Want to help me wash a car?
  • She has a father named Ralph, and mother named Elsa, and a little brother named Bruno. She isn't that unhappy at the Out- With but she isn't happy too. This shows in the movie and is described in the book. She is lonely though. Later on in the book Gretel throws her dolls away and replaces them with maps.
  • Gretel is very rude to her younger brother in the books, but in the movie, she is very nice. In the book, she makes fun of Bruno for having an imaginary friend.  She, later on, leaves Bruno alone because she was going through a "phase". Mother's words.
  • Hahahahaha
  • It's not funny Gretel!
  • Bruno calls Gretel the hopeless case. She also loves to please people and in the movie, she believes everything that Herr Litz says like the Jews are the enemy. She doesn't notice that Bruno sneaks out to the fence but in the movie, she finds the sandwich which Bruno drops. When Bruno dies she cries because she misses him so much.
  • Where's Bruno!
  • She loves to make plays with her Grandma for Christmas. In the movie, Gretel runs up the stairs to choose her new room in the Out-with. She also spends way to long in the bathroom and doesn't care if Bruno really has to go. This means she likes the stuff that many stock sister characters like. This means she is a stock sister.
  • Grandma!
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