Group 4 phase changes
Updated: 1/5/2021
Group 4 phase changes

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  • Today we are going to learn about the phase changes. We are going to start with solid to gas
  • the change of ice to water vapor is an example of a solid to gas change
  • Can anyone explain why does this change happen?
  • This is because of an endothermic which is a decrease in thermal energy that happens at 109.3 degrees Fahrenheit. In this change causes the particles to move faster
  • Good answer just remember that the phase change that is currently happening is sublimation
  • now we will learn about a solid to liquid change
  • unlike the ice from before this type of ice turns into water
  • but why does this happen? Can anyone explain?
  • The atoms in a solid have less energy than the atoms in a liquid. There is a specific temperature for every substance called the melting point. When a solid reaches its melting point it can turn into a liquid.
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