Healthcare Comic
Updated: 3/11/2020
Healthcare Comic

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  • Are you sure you're ready to meet my parents?
  • We'll talk about this later it's cryo.
  • Ok.
  • Yes, but what if they ask about my Hx?
  • So this is your boyfriend that you always talk about he's such a cute little munchkin
  • Hi mom and dad. Meet my boyfriend Jacob!
  • I'll give him CPR until they come, but lets take him into the living room so that he can be an-algia
  • Omg I can't believe he fainted. Someone give him CPR.
  • He has CHF so we should quickly call the police to take him to the ER
  • Oh Honey, he is fine. It's just that he tried to Cx his meds that should be taken BID.
  • The police is currently on the way
  • I should've asked if he was fine a(with line) i came. @ dinner he looked fine until he finished eating.
  • He passed out rt p(with line) we finished dinner. He has cardio problems .
  • We'll handle this situation and he will be back to normal intra quad hours.
  • Everyone left and took the father to the hospital so that he is able to get his Tx that he needs.THE END