The Friday Everything Changed Storyboard

Updated: 8/31/2021
The Friday Everything Changed Storyboard

Storyboard Text

  • Conflict
  • Plot
  • "Next week Alma Niles and Joyce Shipley will go for the water."
  • Characters
  • "I'm sorry, Arnold," she said. "but I'm used to cold weather. In winter I walk to school same as you."
  • The main conflict in the story is introduced when Alma challenges the idea of only boys being chosen to carry the water. She thinks girls should be allowed to carry the water as well. In the text it is stated that "Why can't girls go for the water, too?" This creates conflict by challenging a lasting tradition
  • Setting
  • The exposition of the story introduces the characters and introduces the conflict. In the rising action, the characters are described in more detail and we learn about Alma, who wants girls to be allowed to carry water. The climax is when Miss Ralston hits the baseball, and the resolution tells that Alma got to carry the water.
  • Point of View
  • The little kids would get out their Junior Red Cross pins and put them on and us big kids would start elbowing down the aisles.
  • The protagonist is a girl named Alma Niles. She is a round, dynamic character. She makes a stand against societal norms by asking to carry the water for the class. It shows that she is strong willed and willing to make changes for what is right. This quote shows she is dedicated to her cause and isn't going to back down.
  • Theme
  • The setting of the story was an elementary school classroom and also on a field at the school. This setting provides information about the character by showing that the story is based in school which shows that they are kids. I got this information because in the text it says, " by recess on Monday morning, was that the boys had decided not to let us girls field at at softball any more." This shows the part where they are on the field. Also, "you started dreaming about it in Grade 1" shows age.
  • The story is written in first person. The story is told by one of the background girls. The point of view is effective because it makes the reader feel as if they were in the story supporting Alma and making the reader care/think about the girls side.
  • Hard work pays off for those that want it. Alma works hard and endures a lot to get the right to carry the water, and in the end she gets it.
  • "Next week Alma Niles and Joyce Shipley will go for the water."