Super Triad - 6 (chanchal, Leslieanne and Gayle)
Updated: 9/27/2020
Super Triad - 6 (chanchal, Leslieanne and Gayle)

Storyboard Text

  • Good Morning Leslieanne and Gayle. Lets meet in the classroom
  • Good Morning Ms.Chanchal and Leslieanne
  • Good Morning Chanchal Maam and Gayle
  • Okay, Settle down!!
  • Woof, Woof,Woof
  • meow, meow, meow
  • Maintain Social distancing. Please wear masks on campus.
  • Right about now, many parents are going to discover the teacher wasnt the problem
  • 27 - 09 - 2020
  • Is it too early to subtract the Year 2020 from our age. I didnt use it.
  • Day 98 of social distancing: struck up a conversation with a spider today. seems friendly. He's a web - designer.