Self Esteem
Updated: 4/20/2020
Self Esteem
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  • Thanks for cooperating, now here's the question, what are some things people might do if they have low self esteem
  • Hello, today I will ask different people at my school about self esteem. Now my question will be to you, What is self esteem in your eyes
  • Hi Grace! My name is Ava and I think self esteem is about you're own worth and if you think you are capable enough to do something or if you're overall worth your weight
  • Encourage and compliment them but not all the time because they might feel too crowded
  • Probably let go of the negative people or "friends" in my life
  • Surround my self with the people I love and the people that care about me and ask for their help
  • Try and find something that I am good at or passionate about and share it with people with similar tastes
  • Hi my name is Grace and I am here to ask you what you would do to build your self esteem
  • Agreed, they'd also have a growth mindset
  • Yeah they wouldn't be worried about other peoples opinions
  • Hmm, they'd probably be very confident with every action they do
  • Hi guys I came here to ask you a simple question : What might you see in someone that has high self esteem?
  • Well, if I had low self esteem I'd just not be confident and always second guess my self
  • I'd be afraid of trying new things then making a mistake getting humiliated
  • I would not speak up about my opinions and beliefs
  • How could you build self esteem in others
  • Look them in the eye when talking to them and bring up comfortable topics to discuss with them
  • Ask for their opinion and help, also use their name when talking to them
  • ,Okay here's the last question...What does it mean to show respect?
  • You are polite even if you don't know the person and you also respect their space bubble
  • You listen to what someone has to say until they are done
  • Hmm, well you take care of the things they entrust you with like their phones, bag or even a secret
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