Hieroglyphs Story

Updated: 9/17/2020
Hieroglyphs Story

Storyboard Text

  • Hey Erin I was wondering if you could help me learn more about hieroglyphics!
  • Sure Gemma! Lets go to the coffee shop and I can tell you all about them!
  • So when were hieroglyphics first invented? Also were there different types?
  • Well they were first invented shortly before 3100 B.C. There were many different types and it really depended on where you lived and the time periods.
  • How do we know what these symbols meant?
  • A discovery called the Rosetta Stone helped the experts interpret what these hieroglyphs stood for. Because of this stone we could decipher what these pictures meant.
  • Panel 1, Page Number 1
  • Well how can writing from a stone tell you about the writing on another stone?
  • The scientists studied the stones and found out which hieroglyphs equaled which Greek words.
  • Well the Rosetta Stone had the same message written in hieroglyphics and Greek, a language we know already.
  • Panel 2, Page 1, SEP #1-Asking Questions
  • Were there different types of measurements back then too?
  • Yes, for example there were cubits, palms, and digits. Cubits were your forearms measurement which is why it's not used today since everyone is different.
  • After learning about these hieroglyphics, I am going to visits some museums and read the hieroglyphs on these artifacts! Tonight i will find a hieroglyphics key online to bring tomorrow.
  • Panel 3, Page 1, SEP #4- Interpreting data, SEP #6- Designing solutions
  • That sounds great I'll come too!
  • Panel 4, Page 2, SEP #7-Engaging in Argument, SEP #3 Carrying out investigations
  • Panel 5, Page 2, SEP #5- using math
  • Panel 6, Page 2, SEP #8- obtaining and communicating information, SEP #2- Using models