monster are due on maple street charters
Updated: 3/31/2020
monster are due on maple street charters
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  • watches aliens movie and makes everyone rethink
  • Steve Brand
  • what to find a solution and claim
  • to kept claim and try to understand what is going on
  • That’s exactly what it is—some kind of madness.
  • try to keep everyone claim and treys to now what is going on
  • charlie
  • You best watch who you’re seen with, Steve! Until weget this all straightened out, you ain’t exactly above suspicion yourself.
  • scared and confused and doesn't know what to do
  • acts scarred and confused
  • consed by the problem
  • Less Goodman
  • Now I suppose that’s supposed to incriminate me! The light goes on and off. That really doesit, doesn’t it?
  • main suspect or aliens
  • stars at sky
  • main suspect and thing work in his house
  • Tommy
  • That was the way they prepared things for the landing. They sent four people. A mother and afather and two kids who looked just like humans . . . but they weren’t.
  • censored cause he think it is aliens
  • makes everyone rethink and watches aliens movies
  • Pete van horn
  • I’ll cut through the back yard . . . See if the power’s still on on Floral Street. I’ll be right back!
  • works with wood
  • laves and no one relies untie dies
  • wood and helps out
  • Don Martin
  • That’s the kind of thing—like sunspots. They raise Cain with radioreception all over the world. And this thing being so close—why, there’s no telling the sort of stuff it cando.
  • help to give instructions
  • confused about what happen
  • loves aliens movies and has a good point
  • censused and wondering
  • watches alien movies and makes everyone rethink
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