Joseph Bazalgatte
Updated: 5/8/2020
Joseph Bazalgatte

Storyboard Text

  • Good Day, Mr Bazalgette. We need you to design a new sewer system for London.
  • ................
  • Oh, it seems that the project would be too expensive. Lets postpone it
  • One the really hot summer of 1858, 'The Great Stink' happened
  • The entirety of London smelled worse than usual. The source of the stink was the River Thames.
  • Just give Joseph Bazalgette the 3 million pounds to begin the construction of the sewers already!! The stench is getting really unbearable!
  • Using a total of around 318 million bricks I built the 134 km long sewer system. I believe this sewer would remove 1.9 billion litres of sewage material per day!
  • After the construction of my sewer system, there have been no reports of Cholera cases in London. In fact, My success caused other cities to build their own sewers too!