Updated: 8/28/2020

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Dont ask about my name

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  • Nick Allen liked to liven things up at school, for example, in third grade he had turned his classroom into a tropical island in February. The story takes place in fifth grade. His seventh period language arts teacher, Mrs. Granger, was OBSESSED with the dictionary.
  • use the Dictionary
  • Nick was good at delaying or wiping out homework assignments from teachers. He was famous for it. Mrs. Granger, however, made him do an oral report on how words are made, sparking the plot of the story.
  • <- Mrs.Granger
  • A lot of people think that the first English dictionary was put together in the 1700s by a man named Samuel Johnson. He lived in London, England. He was real smart, and he
  • (Other students not added)
  • wrote a lot of books, and he wanted all the other people to have a good dictionary to use, so he made one. But there were other dictionaries before his.
  • <- supposed to be index cards
  • Day of oral report(copied from book)
  • And did that notice put an end to the prank? I heard that a lot of children were kept after school last week.
  • Would you tell me a little about that? Parents would like to know what's going on.
  • Notes NotesNotes
  • <- Local reporter
  • (all speech is copied from book)
  • Oh that? It's nothing really. Some kids have been playing a prank, and it was time to put a stop to it.
  • Mrs. Chatham, the principal->
  • Quiz is the only word in English language that was invented for no particular reason- that is, until now. Now there is a new word, frindle, and here is (name of reporter) in Westfield, New Hampshire, with the story.
  • From Mrs. Granger
  • Ten years laterNick is 21(i used the same character)
  • frin-dle (frin' dl) n. a device used to write or marks with ink [arbitrary coinage; originated by Nicholas Allen, 1987-(see pen)]
  • (This isn't part of the dictionary, I just wanted to say that the frindle definition was from the book i based this off of)