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Chem bonds
Updated: 2/24/2019
Chem bonds
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Intramolecular vs intermolecular bonds and forces

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  • Hey so today we will be reviewing the different types of intramolecular bonds so the first one will be ionic
  • Hey and ok sooooo an ionic bond is a bond formed by the complete transfer of valence electrons between atoms it's a type of bond that generates two oppositely charged ions
  • ok now we going on to intramolecular covalent bond
  • so a covalent bond is a chemical bond that involves the sharing of electron pairs between atoms
  • finally we will discuss the metallic bond
  • Hydrogen bonding Is a weak bond between two molecules resulting from an electrostatic attraction between a proton in one molecule and an electronegative atom in the other yayyyyyyyy thanks for the review
  • Yay my favorite one ok ok so a metallic bond is a type of chemical bonding that rises from the electrostatic attractive force between conduction electrons and positively charged metal ions
  • Ok so now we will be reviewing intermolecular forces
  • hi So the first one is the London dispersion force which is a force acting between atoms and molecules
  • Ok next is the dipole-dipole
  • Dipole dipole are attractive forces between the positive end of one polar molecule and the negative end of another polar molecule
  • Lastly is the hydrogen bonding
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