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Updated: 6/3/2020
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  • This is called economy. Let me tell you about it.
  • Café
  • People come to our store and buy different things, such as coffee and cookies. They give us money and then we give them coffee.
  • Hello! My name is Emily. My family and I own this café.
  • Economy is when 2 countries trade and buy and sell products.
  • In our café , we do the same thing. When we get money from people, we have to find out what products we have to import.
  • We usually buy more supplies with our profit. A profit is the leftover money that you have.
  • For example, we need to buy food and water so we can stay healthy.
  • We also need to buy more things for our café, like more milk and sugar to make coffee and cookies.
  • Sometimes, we need more things for our café, but we don't have enough money, so we get a loan from the bank.
  • A loan is when you ask for money from the bank. You can get money, but after, you have to give the bank money as well.
  • If you don't give money to the bank later, you can get arrested by the police!
  • How will the world be without economy? It would be very different.
  • Nobody would save money!
  • Bye! I hope you learned something about global economy!
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