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The red convertible
Updated: 3/31/2018
The red convertible
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  • "Watch it plow softly into the water. The headlights reach in as they go down, searching, still lighted even after the water swirls over the back end. I wait. The wires short out. It is all finally dark. And then there is only water, the sound of it going and running and going and running and running.
  • He sat in front of it watching it, and that was the only time he was completely still. But it was the king of stillness that you see in a rabbit when it freezes and before it will bolt. He was not easy. He sat in his chair gripping the armrests with all his might, as if the chair itself was moving at a high speed and if he let go at all he would rocket forward and make crash through the set.
  • Once i was in the room watching TV with Henry and I heard his teeth click at something. I look over, and he'd bitten through his lips. Blood was going down his chin...He rushed from his chair and shoved me out of the way, against the wall.
  • "We'll take you home, where do you live?"
  • We got up there and never wanted to leave. The sun doesn't truly set there in summer, and the night is more a soft dusk...The girl's name was Susy. Her family really took to us. 
  • "Chicken"
  • "Hop on in"
  • The army remember Henry had signed up to join it...I don't wonder that the army was so glad to get my brother that they turned him into a Marine. He was built like a brick outhouse anyway. 
  • I see he's halfway across the water already, and I know he didn't swim there but the current took him. It's far. I hear his voice, though, very clearly across it.
  • "My boots are filling"
  • After that I thought he'd freeze himself to death working on that car. H was out there all day, and at night he rigged up a little lamp, ran a cord out the window, and had himself some light to see by while he worked. He was better than he had been before, but that's not saying much.
  • "well it's old, you got to expect that."
  • "that car looks like shit"
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