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Animal Cruelty
Updated: 12/14/2019
Animal Cruelty
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  • Catia and Logan were taking a walk in the park when they came upon a boy who was kicking a poor dog while he had a big smirk on his face. Catia and Logan ran towards the scene, Catia is so conscientious of animals she had to intervene. “STOP!” Catia screamed at Vyron “What do you think you are doing to that poor dog?” “What do you care?” responded Vyron “You shouldn’t treat animals like that, they still feel and have feelings.”
  • They took the dog to the veterinarian to check that it was all right “She’s all right nothing major, there are some muscles injured but she still needs attention” said Dr. Jules. “Although many people argue that animal cruelty isn't an important thing, it is affecting families and communities, an animal abuser is more often a potential danger tosociety and because animals have the same value as everyone.
  • “We should report this to the authorities, and not procrastinate” said Logan “it’s the right thing to do”. “All right” responded. " Did you know that studies show that pet abuse had occurred in 88% of the families under supervision for physical abuse of their children, see it's all related. “So Catia and Logan also made a stop by the Police Department.
  • “We would like to make a report against Vyron Correll" said Logan “What is the reason for the report?” responded the officer. “We saw Vyron abusing a poor innocent dog, he didn’t care that the dog had feelings and that he also felt and was getting hurt.” said Logan “We tried talking to him, but it was a fruitless attempt, he really didn’t’ care” said Catia “He is a belligerent bully who’s very aggressive.”
  • Meanwhile Vyron was talking to his friend at a dinner. Many people may claim that animals have feelings but they are not the same as humans, I mean nobody else takes care of them why should I?" said Vyron "That is true, but don’t you feel bad for the dog maybe you did hurt him," responded Alex " No, I was just playing with him, it's not like it hurts him or anything he’s just an animal."
  • "Vyron Corell?" said Officer Green "Yes that's me". You are under arrest for the charges of animal abuse and neglect" "What? What do you mean? I didn't do anything wrong”. “You abused an animal and we have credible witnesses; " Animal cruelty charges can get you up to a year in jail or a fine" "The witnesses did the right thing when they reported it"
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