Fahrenheit 451 Comic Strip
Updated: 5/21/2020
Fahrenheit 451 Comic Strip
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  • @Nathan Wilkins
  • I burn books
  • Montag works as a "fireman" whose job is to burn books and the buildings they are found in.
  • @Nathan Wilkins
  • Montag is leaving work very late at night, he just finished burning down a house full of books. as he walks home, he contemplates the odd feeling that he has that someone is around the corner at the end of the street he's on.
  • I feel like someone is around this corner
  • @Nathan Wilkins
  • When he turns the corner he cannot believe his eyes. There stands a pale white girl who seems to be propelled forward by the wind and leaves rather than moving of her own accord. She is described as having a slender and "milk-white" face with a "gentle hunger" and an expression of "pale surprise."
  • @Nathan Wilkins
  • Montag is shocked and speech less. He just stands there not able to think or move. He can't think of anything to say. All he manages to say is "uhhhh".
  • @Nathan Wilkins
  • Finally after a few moments Montag says, "I thought you were dead". Clarisse looks surprised. "Why is that?" , she asks. "My wife Mildred said you were hit by a car by some one named McClellan".
  • i thought you were dead
  • Why is that?
  • Clarisse laughs. "Yes I was hit by a car but I survived" "I won't be seeing you around anymore" Montag said. "why not?" said Clarisse. I'm leaving and going to the city" Montag says. After a few seconds of silence Clarisse says "I better get going, good luck on your trip to the city" Clarisse turns around and starts walking home and Montag turns a corner and walks to Faber's house. As he's walking he thinks to himself such a strange young girl
  • Goodbye
  • good luck
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