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Tech (Robotics Storyboard)
Updated: 3/4/2019
Tech (Robotics Storyboard)
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  • In the morning, Hope woke up and got ready to go to the airport, she was going to go to Rome. she had just woke up and was getting ready to leave. She had overslept but was up and ready for the day, she went to go outside
  • She walked outside to go to the Airplane. She didn't want to be late and miss it, she was getting nervous on if she overslept, she quickly hurried to go to her car so she wouldn't miss the airplane before it departed.
  • She arrived at her car, she made sure all her luggage and suitcases were packed and put in safely, Hope goes inside and drives to the airport before missing her flight. She had to make sure she got their on time because of traffic as well.
  • Hope drove off to the airport , she tried to get there in time, so she would have enough time to put away her luggages and suitcases and be able to get on the airplane to depart into Rome. She was excited to go to Rome since she knew the sightings were beautiful.
  • Hope was in the airplane, she luckily made it in time, she was going to go to sleep soon since she was so tired after yesterday. She decided to sleep earlier so that she had enough rest and energy left for the rest of the day. She made sure she slept well. The other passengers were sleeping.
  • She had arrived at Rome and while she was going out she had got lost trying to find her hotel, she didn't know where to go, her luggage and suitcases were being put into her hotel room. She saw this man and thought if she might ask for some help, back at home she remembered she had gotten this letter but she didn't recongnise who it was from. It was a letter about Hope going to Rome on a quest to find this man. She asked the man and he said "May i help you, are you lost?" and Hope replied back "Yes i'm lost, i'm Hope and you are?, "I'm Maques, i am looking for a girl named Hope, her name is just like yours, Maques shows a picture to Hope. "That's me", Hope replied. Maques said "How is this you?", i've been searching for a long time. Hope shows Maques the letter she recieved. It really is you Hope. They hug and live happily together. The end.
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