A three year old in quarantine
Updated: 6/5/2020
A three year old in quarantine

Storyboard Text

  • I never want to go to bed. I get sad. I want to stay downstairs with mummy and daddy and my digger... and sometimes we get snuggly and warm on the sofa and then...
  • Zzzzzzzz
  • Daddy’s teaching me how to write my name. I sit on daddy’s lap and write my name.
  • Daddy was always ‘working’ before, but now he’s not. Now he’s always here! Mummy goes to work. In mummy’s car. Daddy told me she’s a real doctor.
  • daddy says we can only speak to Seema and Easa on the phone... so sometimes we ring Seema and Eesa... and sometimes we ring uncle Tarif... who lives in Bradford... and sometimes we ring nani who says ‘assalaamu-alaycum darling!’.
  • Sometimes daddy says ‘do you want to play in the back garden or the front garden?’. I always choose the front garden because there’s no bumble bees. I’m frightened of bumble bees. But daddy tells them off and says ‘stay on the flowers bumble bees... don’t come near Nooh’.
  • if I do a really big smiley face... daddy lets me play with daddy’s phone and I put daddy’s songs on... or go on Google Maps and hear the person say ‘Turn left right on Little Brooks Ave’.