american history columbus
Updated: 8/26/2018
american history columbus
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  • Columbus on the sea
  • Me too
  • I hope we find some land soon 
  • Finding land
  • Hmmm, very interesting 
  • I think we are in India right now 
  • Finding Friends
  • Hello, welcome to our land. What brings you here?
  • I come in search of land and gold. 
  • I wonder if he's an Indian 
  • Christopher Columbus is out on his boat trying to see if he can find any land. He is also trying to see if he can find any gold.
  • Bringing new people
  • Soon enough, he finds unknown land. He assumes that this land is India. He can't wait to start exploring what is there.
  • What Columbus brought
  • I"m so ill...
  • Columbus realizes that he is not alone; and that other people on this land as well. These people are Native Americans, but Columbus thinks they're Indians because he thinks he is in India.
  • Marking Territory 
  • Thank you, thank you. I can't wait to see all the gold we can get.
  • Look at this new land, I can't believe it's ours! All thanks to Christopher Columbus.
  • Columbus wanted to find land for not only himself, but for England. When he found this land, he came back to England to bring people to the new land.
  • Did you hear? New land has been found. It has gold and a lot of acres of land. 
  • Wow, that's fantastic! I must go. 
  • New land?? Count us in!!
  • With all these new people coming, the Native Americans weren't prepared. Unfortunately, there was many diseases brought that they weren't immune to; mainly being small pox. They also forced them to convert to Christianity.
  • What's this Christianity thing anyway?
  • What is happening to our village?
  • With most of the Native Americans killed, the rest of them fled elsewhere. This meant that this land belonged to England and soon after that they made their first settlement: Jamestown.
  • We love him!!
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