Updated: 2/1/2020
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  • Sun
  • At least the planets are attracted to me.
  • Meteor
  • Nobody likes you.. periodt
  • Man the sun is hot!
  • Mercury
  • Since i'm so close to the sun we have a strong bond.
  • Venus
  • I have a trash ring around me because of gravity!
  • I'm attracted to the Sun and Earth, but I'm closer to the Earth.
  • Earth
  • Moon
  • Mars
  • Jupiter, how are you attracted to the sun even though you are far away?
  • Jupiter
  • Although I'm further away, at least I'm thicc!
  • Sorry, but I'm taken, I have a ring!
  • Saturn
  • Gravity is an attractive force that everything with mass has. People have gravity, planets have gravity, and other day to day objects have it. In this instance the meteor is making a joke that nobody likes the sun, and the sun points out that because of gravity, the planets are attracted to it.
  • Uranus
  • Even though i am far from the sun, there is still a gravitational attraction between us.
  • Can I be one of the planets too?
  • Pluto
  • There are two main factors in the strength of gravity. One of them is distance. Because of the moon's distance to the Earth, it mainly rotates around Earth, but in turn, the sun is still pulling it and it is rotating around the sun as well. Mercury is close to the sun which means they have a strong gravitational pull between them.
  • I can't wait to skydive for the first time!
  • WW3 fighter plane
  • The other main factor of the strength of gravity is mass. In this example, even though Jupiter is further away, it is big and continues to share a strong gravitational pull with the sun.
  • no cap but i'm on the ground, I love gravity
  • Since the sun is so big, even far out planets like Uranus and Neptune are effected by it's pull. GRAVITATIONAL PULL!
  • Neptune
  • No pluto
  • This girl is about to skydive and gravity helps her with that. Earth's gravitational pull is 9.8m/s, so every second she gains 9.8 meters of speed until she hits terminal velocity.
  • keyThicc-big (kardashian)No cap-not lyingPeriodt-done
  • Joey
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