The Life Of a colonial Farmer
Updated: 2/8/2021
The Life Of a colonial Farmer

Storyboard Text

  • Somewhere in the farmland of the Mid Atlantic coloniesthere was a farmer with freshly harvested crops.
  • Look at these rich farmlands I live on.
  • The wife of the farmer has just finished harvesting the east field and is now looking for further instruction. The Farmer has been supervising her work.
  • Where is Jacob, I need him to pluck the carrots!
  • Another task a farmer has to do is sell his crops at a market. Her he is selling them to a fellow buyer.
  • I'll take 5 bushels for 30.
  • could you spare a piece of bread
  • The boys were sometimes taught to read and write. Most of the time they were taught by their father or the local minister. Girls were almost never taught to read and write.
  • Father I finished my story on sheep
  • The Farmers Worked the land according to the region
  • The region gave us some nice land to work on
  • The only people who could vote were 21-year-old men who owned land.
  • All in favor of a new governor