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The queue
Updated: 1/22/2020
The queue
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  • Zephyr Hospital
  • ID Ma'am
  • Investigation and Instruction desk
  • Good morning. I need an x-ray under the name of Yehya Gad el-Rab Saeed.
  • Of course not.
  • The Fifth Floor
  • Oh Shoot!
  • This! This what i came for!!!!
  • Amani wakes up early in an attempt to get Yehya's x-ray. She wears a plain pair of jeans and jacket and on arrival she encounters a security guard who asks for her ID.
  • Nothingness
  • At the Investigation and Instructions desk, Amani attempts to get Yehya's x-ray file. However when the man at the front desk comes to the realization that this event took place in the disgraceful events he recalls the forms Amani needs before she is granted acess to the x-ray.
  • Dilapidated
  • Curious to find the x-ray herself, Amani wanders off on to the forbidden fifth floor. Through the door way connected to the lobby she slips through and walks through the narrow lobby.
  • The re-birth of Amani
  • She heard no voices, felt no walls nor could she feel columns or bars. She had not been blindfolded, yet she could not see or feel nothing but the solid earth beneath thee.
  • I swear i will never oppose you again nor will i see Yehya 
  • Please, LET ME OUT !
  • Amani had a longing desire to see colour or a single peek of light, however it was not only colours that began to fade, but the faces of those she knew.
  • Amani was finally able to go back to her apartment. For days she remained out of contact with Ehab and Yehya, however, she was able to reconnect with her . senses.
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