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The Third Wish Roseann
Updated: 9/26/2019
The Third Wish Roseann
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  • The Third Wish/Exposition
  • Rising Action
  • Climax
  • It was midnight, Leita was calmly swimming in the river the moon, gleaming through the water. Leita feels a powerful sensation go through her body. Miraculously, her swan features begin to change to a human with green-blue eyes, dark hair and fair skin.
  • Falling Action
  • The next morning, Leita meets her husband, Mr.Peters who she soon cares deeply for. An evening came and Leita with her hands around her sisters neck explained to Mr.Peters the sorrow it brings her to be separated from her old life, away from her sister, Rhea. She decides it to be unkind to leave Mr.Peters.
  • Resolution
  • One night Leita had a terrible nightmare of Rhea being taken away from her and cried out in her dreams. When she woke up she was rested in the water. Understanding that Mr.Peters used is second wish she rested her head lightly against his hand thanking him. Then flew over the trees into the forest.
  • Conflict
  • or stay with Mr.Peters
  • Either go back to my dear sister
  • The next day, Rhea and Leita were swimming at the bottom of the garden. Rhea spotted Mr.Peters and rubbed her head aganist his hand. She was no longer pale and thin, Leita was happy and grateful for Mr.Peters kind heart.
  • One Autumn night, Leita saw Mr.Peters lying peacefully in his bed, dead. She told Rhea and together they mourned the passing of him in a song for everyone to hear. Leita saw in between his hands a withered leaf and a white feather.
  • The Conflict is Man Vs Man because even though Leita cared for Mr.Peters she couldn't bear to be separated from her sister, because of Mr.Peters kind heart she returned to her old life.
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