Comic strip CW

Updated: 10/11/2021
Comic strip CW

Storyboard Text

  • It was good, I need to go upstairs and finish my homework.
  • Mom I'm home where are you??
  • ok, I will let you know when dinner is ready.
  • I am right here how was your day?
  • 5x+233=527
  • I need to finish my test and then I need to work on math homework .
  • Dinner is ready come on down
  • Ok, well I am going to go get ready for bed. Can you please do the dishes?
  • What homework do you have to work on?
  • Yes I can also sleep good and I will call you in the morning
  • Math and Science but I am finished with the math homework.
  • Now that I am done with the dishes I need to go finish my home work and go to bed.
  • Alexa set and alarm for 5:45 A.M
  • To Be Continued.