econ comic

Updated: 2/9/2021
econ comic

Storyboard Description

words in a bubble

Storyboard Text

  • High demand for coal resulted in shortages in the market for this coming winter
  • I want to make a snowman
  • There now I just have to put a carrot and some coal for the face!
  • Are you sure you need it? Sounds more like a want. Everyone is running short on coal. I don't think you should waste it.
  • Hey I need a carrot and coal!
  • Plus, people are starving since farmers can't produce enough crops for . People need that carrot more than you do. Maybe use sticks instead.
  • Should I take it? I don't want to use sticks
  • But that would be wrong. What about those people who need it?
  • Well I got the carrot and the coal is right there. Oh man what do I do?
  • One carrot and a couple pieces of coal wont hurt anyone
  • It's only one carrot and a few pieces of coal. It won't hurt anyone
  • This kid