City of Ember Story Board
Updated: 4/27/2020
City of Ember Story Board
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  • "You must not open this box unless time is up."
  • "alright"
  • Pipe work Labourer
  • "Assignment Day is it? Yes"
  • s
  • Did you find something in here?”
  • The builders were talking about the future of this city. They had a box, some instructions and a timer which would only open when time was up. They had asked the first mayor to keep it safe and closed. But many years later it was lost opened without anyone realising,
  • It was the last of the school for the highest class in the School of Ember, it was Assignment Day. The day where all the students pick a small piece of paper with a job on it which they have to do. Lina picked a job, and her job was pipeworks laborer.
  • "This is the world we belong in"
  • Lina was at home, Granny was searching a cabinet. Lina then checked on Poppy, her younger sister, she had pieces of paper in her mouth, beside her she had a box too. The pieces of paper seemed to be some type of instructions.
  • Doon with his sack filled with necessary things like food, helped Lina put the boat into the water and with that, he also lit a candle, they started their journey towards the mysterious place with a few more candles in a box. After what seemed hours they got to the end of the river.
  • They had some walking to do, there was a pathway. At the end, they felt a sweet smelled air, it brushed across their faces, this was it, they had made their journey! They explored the new world, they were stars and fresh trees, the air was cool nothing at all like Ember.
  • Lina & Doon found Ember and realised it was in a huge cave. The river was rough and they couldn't go back. So they decided to add a bit more instructions to the note & give it to someone to get here. They tied the paper to a rock and dropped it into the heart of Ember. Ms. Murdo found the rock.
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