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Madison Story board
Updated: 10/9/2020
Madison Story board
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Storyboard Description

For EDU 200

Storyboard Text

  • Exposition
  • Darn it, I got a C on the test. Why do these classes seem so impossible to succeed in?
  • Conflict
  • What can I do for you Madison?
  • Rising Action
  • Well Madison, the whole point of these classes being so challenging is to help give you a goal to work for. If every class were easy what would be the point in taking them. These goals are very attainable. You'll just have to apply yourself more than you're used to to get the grades you desire.
  • Madison feels that she can't succeed in this class because it is a lot more difficult than classes she has taken in the past
  • Climax
  • Perhaps I should try using flash cards to study for the next test
  • She confronts her teacher about the difficulty of the class and explains she doesn't feel like she will succeed in it.
  • Falling Action
  • I hope these flash cards help me pass this test.
  • Sir, I'm really concerned with my grades since I've started attending this school. They have slowly started to get worse compared to the A's and B's im used to
  • The teacher explains it is meant to be a challenge and make the students work harder for their grades. That way when they do succeed it's more rewarding.
  • Resolution
  • I wanted to congratulate you on this A you got on the test. You're hard work payed of. Great work!
  • Madison ponders ways to help her succeed on the next test so she doesn't fall behind.
  • She has acted out her plan to help her do better but is having doubts about if it will actually work or not.
  • All her work paid off because she got an A on her next test after trying new methods to help her succeed, and we see her teacher congratulate her.
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