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american revolution
Updated: 9/30/2020
american revolution
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  • Jamestown
  • I'm getting pretty sick of the British just taking over our land and ruining our peace
  • Me too! now that they won the french-Indian war they have too much of our land. I hate being controlled
  • Jamestown
  • They are crazy! There's no way we are putting up with this anymore. Lets get a group together and make a plan
  • Have you seen the paper? British set 3 new acts for us called the stamp, sugar, and quartering act. This is outrageous!
  • Colonist Meeting
  • We all need to come together and Boycott these crazy acts to show they can't treat us like this!
  • Colonists were mad at British because they took their land, killed their resources, and destroyed them but they still fought for them in the french-Indian war because they control the colonists
  • Boston
  • The British passed the stamp and sugar acts which raised the taxes on the sugar and stamps that they buy from the British. they also passed the quartering act so that they couldn't buy from anyone else to guarantee them paying for their war.
  • Thomas Jefferson
  • Colonies boycotted by not buying from the British, not listening to the acts. Then the British decided to send spies and troops to the towns to make sure everyone follows the acts.
  • The shot heard around the world
  • British guards shot 5 colonists and this was called the Boston massacre. This happened because the colonists refused mercantilism which is living by trading to better the economy
  • Thomas Jefferson then wrote the declaration of independence that basically said that it was common sense to separate and become their own country because it was their god give right
  • declaration of independence
  • Then the British decided that they were going to refuse this and start the revolutionary war by invading the U.S
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