Cival War
Updated: 5/8/2020
Cival War

Storyboard Text

  • Hey Bill, if you were in the civil war , would you be on the North side or the South side?
  • Well, Sarah, I think I would be on the South's side.
  • Well, if we ignored the slavery issue and looked at the South's point of view then you would understand why.
  • But what about the slavery?
  • When they taxed the imported goods other countries didn't want to buy their goods. The North benefited from the taxes though.
  • The abolitionists also kept on freeing the South's slaves.
  • The South needed slaves to work on their farms. With the slaves it allowed the farmers to make more money, so when the North started freeing the slaves it made them upset.
  • Hey that is my coin!
  • But it is on my side of the room now!
  • I understand now!
  • And that is why I would be on the South's side.