Issues in Civics - Hailey Colaco
Updated: 1/14/2021
Issues in Civics - Hailey Colaco

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  • Sick of adults having the final say on issues that effect teenagers? Well, on todays episode of TEEN POVwe will be featuring students who will share personal experiences with their uniform. This will hopefully help people understand what effects uniforms have on the students themselves when enforcing a mandatory uniform rule in a secondary school.
  • Should School Uniforms Be Manditory?
  • Hi! I am a grade 9 student at a high school that has a mandatory uniform. I personally love the uniform. Just yesterday I had homework that needed to be completed for class. Luckily since it only took a few seconds to pick out and put on my uniform, I had plenty of time to do it before school.
  • Mom, can you sign this form for the next school uniform?
  • I am a grade 12 student at a school that has a strict uniform. The uniform had been especially hard for my family because of the high expense. I've had the same one since grade 9 and it's gotten so small and faded, but my family can't afford another pair. I wish I could wear my non-uniform clothes to school!
  • Sorry sweetie, but we just simply can't afford to pay for the next size up. You will have to continue wearing your old one.
  • FACT: UNIFORMS ARE EXPENSIVEMany poorer parents had to spend 40% of their monthly income on "back to school costs" alone -an English newspaper reported
  • I am a grade 10 student. Even though most of the other students oppose the uniforms, they are still mandatory at my school and other public schools in my areas. I would much rather wear comfortable clothing to school.
  • I can't believe we have to wear these tight and itchy uniforms for 6 more hours...
  • I know right! They're so uncomfortable.
  • I am a grade 11 student at a newly uniform school. The uniform has been hard to get used to and I have forgotten to put on the uniform a couple times. Every time this happens I have to leave the classroom, and I miss parts of my teacher's lessons.
  • You are not allowed to wear hoodies to school! Go to the office and wait there until your parents bring you a uniform shirt.
  • FACT:SCHOOL UNIFORMS ARE PROVEN TO NOT IMPROVE A STUDENT'S ACADEMIC, SOCIAL, OR BEHAVIOURAL OUTCOME-a Sociology Professor concluded from the university level study.
  • I am a grade 10 student and at my school uniforms were introduced at the start of the school year. I haven't noticed any changes in my grades. I've always been able to focus in class, no matter what clothes I'm wearing. I don't understand the point of wearing them!
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