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Updated: 4/27/2020
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hard story bpard

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  • act 3, scene 1
  • kill banqueo for he is your enemy!
  • we will do what is told of us for we have nothing to lose
  • act 3 scene 2
  • we have killed Duncan, so we must kill anyone in our way
  • act 3 scene 3
  • we have killed banqueo we must run back and tell macbeth
  • in this scene Macbeth is teling the predictions made by the witches . an if maxbeths cae true why wouldn't his? then they figure out that baqueo is an enemy
  • act 3 scene 4
  • I am banqueos ghost
  • in this scene Macbeth feels that if he wanted to take the thron he would have to kill Duncan.he says he eeds to kill anyone in his way. he makes his wife catfish banqueo so he can get hi to where e can kill him .
  • act 3 scene 5
  • in this scene, 3 murders set out to kill banqueo and fleance. they ended up killing bbanqueo but fleance lived so they had to think of something better. they set off to tell Macbeth what happened.
  • act 3 scene 6
  • had to be Macbeth!
  • inthis scene he sees Macbeths ghost partially but in reality he never saw n ghost =.
  • it cannot be !!!
  • in this scene three wtches are being scolded because they put a spell on Hecate ad thwy must create visions that will send him false security.
  • how dare you mess with Macbeth! go give him a false sense of security.
  • in this scenethye find out tat it had to be Macbeth who murders =him.
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