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Updated: 1/18/2020
english choice book
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  • Johanna's curfew symbolizes the limits being broken within the relationship.
  • Johanna's lack of friends symbolizes loneliness
  • Johanna's long, thick clothing symbolizes her mental and emotional scars
  • Johanna's curfew symbolizes limits being broken within many and almost all of her relationships. Before she met Paul, she was on time for every single one of her curfews and never had a problem with following the rules. Although, ever since Paul entered the picture, Johanna has been breaking curfew left and right. The quote, "It's easy to watch someone's life crash and burn, harder to watch your own accident up close." (Jones 109) relates well to this symbol because it shows that it's easy to verbally commit to something, but harder to actually go through with it on your own. Someone can say that they will be responsible and be on time for curfew, but that doesn't mean they actually always will be.
  • Johanna's lack of friends and support system symbolizes loneliness. High school is different for everyone, some people have lots of friends, some people have some friends, and others have absolutely zero friends. In Johanna's case, she had no friends or support system at all. Due to this absence of companionship, loneliness began to set in on Johanna. She started to realize that she was being manipulated and had nowhere to go. The quote, "If you want to be saved, you've got to reach out your arms." relates well to this symbolism because it shows that being lonely is a condition that comes with an abusive partner or relationship.
  • Johanna's long, thick clothing symbolizes her mental and emotional scars. She is almost forced to wear clothes that cover her bruises and cuts. Otherwise, her secret would be out and everyone would know that Paul abused her. It represents her emotional scars in such a way that the thick clothing covers her emotions and smothers her feelings toward her situation. The quote, " The nail that sticks out the farthest is hit the hardest" (Jones 122) is represented by if Johanna is the nail that sticks out far (she says something or asks for help), she is going to be hit the hardest and tortured by one person or another for it.
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