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Updated: 10/2/2019
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  • Balance of Trade
  • Duty
  • Salutary Neglect
  • the prison guardian has thrown the devil into the prison because he has killed over 200 thousand people. the only thing that he didn't know that the devil was able to take his soul away. so the guardian wanted to trade his money for his soul.
  • staple crop
  • triangular trade
  • the devil didn't like listen to the British law and because of that the man said that if he doesn't do what the law says there will be a problem. he said that the policy is going on the 17th and the 18 Th century. so the devil h
  • middle passage
  • green man with green shorts gave so plants to the devil so he can plant plants in his on crop field. they crop plants to give food to the people.
  • The devil brought souls for the people were deign so they could survive and the doctors gave the devil some blood and the people that survived they gave the doctor and the devil some money.
  • The devil traveled back to the middle passage where he was on the longest journey with slave ships sailing to the Americas. He had a hard time with not taking their souls away.
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