Updated: 10/28/2020

Storyboard Text

  • indulgences
  • i will take away your sin if you pay me 100 dollors
  • the black death
  • why did the priest die. did he disappoint the god
  • henrey the 8th
  • the lady is offering the priest money in exchange to take away her sin
  • the diet of worms
  • the people through the black death noticed that priests were dying and they were confused because they didn't think the priest had done anything to god
  • the printing press
  • this will help spread the word of god!
  • henry the 8th burnt down every catholic church besides his so everyone would follow in his footsteps
  • lots of catholic priests came together and decided to kick martin Luther out of the community because of his bad actions
  • the printing press was a machine to print the bible faster and get the word out
  • i could not undertand the other ones.i did look up what they are but still dont understand